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Review Policy

I love to discuss books and adore blogging about books.  I take my role as a book reviewer very seriously.  I take pride in what I write and strive for honesty and fairness in every review.  My goal is to share my insights, likes, and dislikes about a book as well as give my reasons for such opinions.  I do this because I strongly feel that our backgrounds will impact our enjoyment of each book.  To be completely fair to the author, who put forth every effort in writing the novel, the context of my opinions becomes vital.  You will see this forthrightness in every review I write.

In addition, I read to enjoy and to learn, and my goal is to share what I enjoy and what I’ve learned.  However, I will give my honest opinion on all of my reviews.  If I find something at fault with the book, I will disclose that fault.  I will not (and never will) give a positive review only because I received the book for free. Nor do I rate books.  It is not something I feel comfortable doing because what I enjoy in a book will not be the same for everyone else.  I will always try to share what I like and dislike and my reasons why I liked or disliked them so that my readers can understand how I formulated my opinions.

Yes, I do receive and review advanced reader copies.  I am always willing to consider an offer by an author or publisher; however, I do not review self-published books, nor do I participate in blog hops or book tours. While my interests are diverse, I find myself becoming more discerning in what I am willing to read. This is not personal but rather a method of trying to balance my reading life with my personal life.

I love reading and hope that this love is reflected in my reviews, what I read, and what I write.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this policy or my availability as a reviewer.