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In 2023

First Lines

    1. Kiva Corentine was on fire.
    2. He forgets his name somewhere in the tunnel to Penn Station.
    3. First, the waking in the dark.
    4. It was just past midnight when the paranoia set in.
    5. “I asked my father, once, why he chose to curse us before we were born.”
    6. “It was only Tuesday evening, and I was already bone-tired.”
    7. “I’ve played a lot of parts in my life.”
    8. “A silent maid braided Leto’s hair into an elaborate crown for her execution.”
    9. “Every month, Michal claimed he’d struck a deal with the landlord, and every month, Nicolas sent one of his sons to collect, anyway.”
    10. “White supremacy is a racist ideology that is based upon the belief that white people are superior in many ways to people of other races and that, therefore, white people should be dominant over other races.”
    11. “There was nothing Stellari of Calladocia could not imagine, and once she had imagined something, achieving it was just a matter of time.”
    12. “Kate is staring into the mirror when she hears it.”