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About Me

Welcome to That’s What She Read!

I’m Michelle, a forty-something semi-retired accountant who discovered she was meant to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic and embraces every minute of it. Connor turns 21 in 2021 and is taking a gap year to figure out what he wants to do after deciding that Iowa State University and Aerospace Engineering might not be the right fit for him. Holly is sixteen, a junior in high school, and remains heavily involved in dance – something she has been doing for twelve years now. My husband, Jim, and I have been married for over twenty years, together for over twenty-five, and have lived all over the globe. He’s a former Army officer who is now a Director of Supply Chain, which means he loves working through logistic issues. We have two dogs – a nine-year-old basset hound, Tallulah, and a three-year-old American Bulldog, Piper – who provide us with the unconditional love we need to survive the teen and empty nest years.

I am coming to you from southern Wisconsin. Jim and I are University of Wisconsin-Madison alumni, so you will see me talking about the Badgers quite often. I adore sports, especially football, and will also talk about the Green Bay Packers frequently during the season. Other hobbies include cooking, cross-stitch, bullet journaling, travelers’ notebooks, hiking, and taking trips with the kids. Unfortunately, the latter does not happen too often anymore with Holly’s jam-packed schedule both during the school year and in the summer months.

I often read and read a lot. I do not watch much television outside sporting events, although my favorite TV show is Great British Bake-Off. I read anything that interests me, and that can mean thrillers about psycho killers to nonfiction about immigrants to fantasy stories about witches or mermaids. I promise you that my reading selection is never dull!

This site is a whatever-I-feel-like-posting website, but my first love will always be talking about the books I read. 2019 was my tenth anniversary of the website. Over the years, the site evolved to the current iteration you see before you. I pride myself on honest and fair reviews on everything I read. I welcome discussions but please note that I am expressing my opinions based on my personal experiences, likes, dislikes, ethics, and everything else that makes me unique. Please be respectful of this and other expressed opinions. All of my posts are available for your perusal, but I should warn you though that those first reviews are quite iffy.

Enjoy and again, welcome!