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Reading:  The Last Heir of Blackwood Library by Hester Fox

Listening:  Spare by Prince Harry – I can only listen to this in small doses. Harry’s voice is a little too soothing for me to stay awake, and he tends to drone on and on about the same things.

Watching:  We finished season one of Criminal Minds: Evolution. After that, we needed something lighter, so we watched all of Cunk on Earth on Netflix and got into Physical: 100, also on Netflix. The last two are mindless entertainment.

Cooking: I made homemade lasagna for the first time in ages, which tasted delicious. I also made BBQ Beef bowls from Hello Fresh and a banana cake since Jim didn’t eat all the bananas in time as promised.

Enjoying: Jim finished his last planned business trip last week, and I am enjoying having him back in the house again. This travel break will be the longest he has been home since August. It is a much-deserved break for both of us.

Planning: Now that we no longer have to worry about school nights, I have been on a kick to attend all the concerts we can. This upcoming Saturday, Jim and I will see Muse for the first time since we moved to Wisconsin. I am SO excited. It is also time to start thinking of spring cleaning. The pup has done a number on my curtains and some of the woodwork around the house, so we will take the opportunity to repair and replace as necessary as we do a deep dive into each room.

Feeling: Every day, I am so grateful for everything. The kids are doing well. Jim is thriving in his job. I have a sweet gig with my part-time job that requires no thought or responsibility. We have a beautiful house, and we enjoy the freedom of having grown children.

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