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The Blood Traitor by Lynette Noni

The Blood Traitor by Lynette Noni is the much-anticipated (by me, at least) finale in The Prison Healer series. Ms. Noni delivers everything I was hoping plus more. She does so in a way that surprises, entertains, and satisfies. For a series ender, you couldn’t ask for much better.

One thing I love about this series is that Ms. Noni does not hesitate to put her characters through hell, and she does that again. Poor Kiva will have one hell of a therapy bill thanks to everything she endures throughout The Blood Traitor and the entire series. It starts with her suffering from severe drug addiction and back in prison, and that’s just the beginning. I always admire authors who aren’t afraid to do what is necessary to their characters for the story’s sake because I believe it makes for a better story; through her treatment of Kiva throughout the series, Ms. Noni proves my point.

Another favorite element of The Blood Traitor, which is valid for the rest of the series, is that Ms. Noni always keeps you guessing. There may be one or two plot points that you can predict, but most of the time, she tends to shock and surprise you. On the surface, The Blood Traitor appears to be a pretty basic plot that should be easy to predict. It is a testament to her writing ability that what seems ordinary on the surface becomes more profound and intense under her pen.

I enjoy her ability, even as I believe that I wouldn’t care if I could predict the entire story. Ultimately, it is not the plot that drives the story but the characters, and I adore the characters in The Blood Traitor. The found family trope is quickly becoming one of my favorites, and Ms. Noni proves herself to be stellar at both creating and showing found family. Kiva’s relationship with Tipp is one of my favorites of all time, seeing her protect him and watching him treat her as the mom he no longer has and can barely remember. It is so pure and heartwarming and written in such a way that there is nothing saccharine or false about it. If only all relationships could be so loving.

The Blood Traitor is exactly what I want in a series ender. Not only is it exciting while obtaining closure for our heroes, but Ms. Noni also puts our heroes through their paces in a way that maintains a high level of tension from beginning to end. I loved every second of it and cannot wait to see what Ms. Noni has for us next!

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