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A new year. A fresh start.

Some people chose to start the new year with resolutions meant to establish self-improvement areas and set the tone for the year. Us bibliophiles? We select our first book.

It is a ritual that is as meaningful as creating resolutions or choosing a word to define your year. After all, for us, it does set the tone for the year. Do you start the year reading something serious or something lighthearted? Do you take a chance on a debut author or stick with a favorite? Do you go for a comfort read or try something new? Do you select an old favorite to reread?

In years past, I’ve done lighthearted books and one by a favorite author. I chose books I had waited years to read. I have always enjoyed what I selected. For that reason, I look forward to choosing a book every year.

This year, for 2023, the choice was easy. Not only is it a book by one of my favorite authors, but it is also among my most anticipated novels for the entire new year. I was fortunate enough to be granted an e-galley last year, and I knew immediately that I would wait and savor it in January 2023. Without further ado, my selection is:

A Day of Fallen Night by Samantha Shannon

At over 800 pages, it won’t be the fastest finish of the year, but I’m going for quality over quantity in 2023. I intend to focus on what I want to read. I deliberately chose not to get recommendations from friends since that didn’t go so well last year, and I’ve been super picky about requesting or downloading review copies. Starting my year with Samantha Shannon and dragons? It is bound to be a good 2023!

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