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Reading:  This Cursed Crown by Alexandra Overy

Listening:  Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad and My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell

Watching:  Did you watch that World Cup final this morning? Now THAT was an example of excellent soccer! Currently, Jim and I are rewatching Inglourious Basterds because he has to do some work, and we have found it is easier for him to work when we are watching something we have already seen. When he doesn’t have work to do in the evenings, we enjoy Kindred on Hulu. I love watching Jim’s reaction to everything happening, as he is unfamiliar with the story.

Cooking: This week, per Holly’s request, I made my homemade macaroni and cheese, pumpkin muffins, mushroom soup with wild rice, and chocolate zucchini cake. I still owe her enchiladas, banana bread, and carrot cake. Plus, whatever else she decides on while home.

Enjoying:  I love having Holly at home again. Knowing she is in her room and not across an ocean makes me so happy. Hearing her stories, having her help around the house,  seeing her face again, and hugging her are the best presents I could get.

Planning:  The only thing I have to plan is Christmas dinner. I still don’t know what I will be serving. I have plenty of time to decide, so no worries on that front. In addition, I have all of my 2023 planners, but I promised myself I would not do anything in either planner until I finished catching up on outstanding book reviews. I have twelve left, so it won’t be long before I can spend a day making my planners pretty for the new year.

Feeling:  I feel so lucky to have my family home for the next two weeks. It has been so long since Jim has been home for longer than a weekend. Then Holly is home. Plus, Jim had a great visit with Connor earlier this month. After months of strained relations, I feel complete to know we are one happy family again.

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