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Reading:  Babel by R. F. Kuang

Listening:  Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Watching:  Holly and I are going a bit of a retro these days while we watch Veronica Mars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We have all been so busy that we are just now watching the final few episodes of Stranger Things, and Jim and I are slowly working our way through the Mr. Mercedes series.

Cooking:  Holly did most of the cooking this weekend, as she planned, prepared, and hosted her first-ever dinner party for her friends. She did a fantastic job, even as she made some first-timer mistakes. We will be eating leftover pasta for the rest of the week!

Enjoying:  Being healthy again. I finally succumbed to the COVID virus in the middle of July. I could have been much sicker than I was, which is good, but the fatigue took me a long time to overcome. Having energy and a desire to do things again, plus lungs that don’t feel like they weigh ten thousand pounds, is something I will not take for granted.

Planning:  Right now, we are all just trying to enjoy the last days of summer as we work through the University of Dundee’s requirements to start working on the student visa process. Holly plans to attend one final concert with her friends while Jim and I have a motorcycle ride in the works. There is talk of attending a local renaissance fair with friends, and if we don’t do that, I would love to hit the state fair again.

Feeling:  I am so grateful that I have such a fantastic daughter. Unlike many kids her age between high school and college, she wants to spend time with us. We have been having SO much fun, attending professional soccer matches, planning her party, and talking. It means so much to have her split her time with us and everything else she is doing this summer.

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