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So many outstanding reviews to write. Here are just a few.

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake is one of those books you need to sit and let marinate. The more you do, the more you appreciate what Ms. Blake achieves. It can be a little disconcerting initially, especially when Ms. Blake spends more time developing her characters than building her world, but trust me. The characters and their connections, the mystery, and the big reveal are worth any initial confusion. The Atlas Six is one of those books that will haunt me for the rest of the year, and I’m aching to read the sequel!

The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

The Golden Couple is yet another fantastic collaboration between Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. There is a gravitas to it that prevents it from being an unbelievable story. Plus, I stayed engaged throughout the entire plot and could not figure out what was going to happen at any point in time. Everything about The Golden Couple is interesting, and I cannot wait to see what Ms. Hendricks and Ms. Pekkanen have for us next!

The Book of Cold Cases by Simone St. James

The Book of Cold Cases is not my Simone St. James novel. I loved the true crime bits and the actual murder mystery. However, I was not a fan of the Gothic element. I don’t feel that story needs it. In fact, it feels like an easy solution to a plot issue, and I don’t like it. Ms. St. James usually puts out excellent stories, but this, to me, fell short of the mark.

The City of Dusk by Tara Sim

Tara Sim’s The City of Dusk starts slowly, but once it does, watch out. I get the need for an intense amount of world-building. Most fantasies require it, after all, because the author needs to explain the world to readers. In the case of The City of Dusk, we also have to meet the characters and families and understand their powers and their histories. That part took just a bit too long for me, and I did consider not finishing it. I’m glad I didn’t, especially given what we learn about one of the characters, but know that even I struggled with how slowly the story builds.

Until the Last of Me by Sylvain Neuvel

Until the Last of Me is the exciting sequel to Sylvain Neuvel’s Take Them to the Stars series, and I loved every word. Until the Last of Me is Lola’s story rather than Mia’s, and I am here for it. Mia might have infiltrated Hitler’s Germany, but Lola is the stronger of the two heroines. She has guts with a modern sensibility. Samael is equally fascinating. Their cat and mouse game morphs into an intriguing chase. Plus, the surprise ending is a bonus. I cannot wait to see how it all ends.

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