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Reading:  A Mirror Mended by Alix E. Harrow to be followed by Juniper & Thorn by Eva Reid

Listening:  14 by Peter Clines to be followed by A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman

Watching:  We have not been watching much of anything. We tape Jeopardy! and will watch a few episodes at a time over dinner. The only other thing we watched this week was a terrible home improvement show I Bought a Dump. It wasn’t a bad show. The directing was horrible, and two out of the three women on the show highlighted every reason women get a bad rap when it comes to relationships. But the premise was fun and, other than the made-up drama thanks to the directors, it is one of the more realistic home improvement shows I’ve seen in a while.

Cooking:  This week’s batch of bananas ripened so quickly that there was no way anyone could eat them before they went bad. To avoid putting them in the freezer and getting lost, I whipped up a banana cake and a loaf of banana bread. Besides that, once my brother-in-law left, I didn’t do much cooking. We had burgers one night and lots of leftovers the rest of the nights.

Enjoying:  I am really enjoying listening to audiobooks these days. I started listening to them while at work and find myself listening to them while puttering around the house after work. Since Jim’s office it at home, I don’t always want to play music but audiobooks are perfect for weekdays. I can listen to them at a low enough volume to avoid being a distraction or impact his teleconferences. Plus, they help me get through my daily chores. As such, I’ve been averaging at least one audiobook every two days. It’s fun!

Planning:  Holly requested a bit of an unusual grad party theme. Because her major is sustainability, she wants her party to be as economically friendly as possible. Then, because she is still very conscious of COVID, she wants individualized servings. Plus, the girl who never asks anything of me asked if I would do all the food. So, we hit the thrift stores to stock up on plates, forks, spoons, platters, and vases for the centerpieces. Then we hit the fabric store for fabric for the no-sew tableclothes. Everything we use will either be washable or recyclable.

I ordered all of the remaining items we needed, like a guest book, skewers, compostable cups for salads and other items, and other smallish serving items. We should receive everything by Friday. Plus, I finished planning the menu, which is something that has been keeping me up at night. Everyone has their assignments, and I can honestly say I feel so much better now that we have concrete plans and everything on order.

Feeling:  I will admit to being anxious. I’m not anxious about Holly graduating or even going to school in another country (yet). What has me worried is getting through the week after Memorial Day, with Connor coming home for the first time in three years, my mother-in-law, planning a party for up to 150 people (if they are all to show up), plus Holly’s last dance recitals — all of which are happening on the Thursday through Saturday before she graduates on Sunday, June 5th. Everything will get done and the party will be a success because everything always works out. It’s just getting to that point where I can sit back and relax.

Upcoming:  This week, I told the family that we have to finish the decorations, the slide show, and any lawn games before Memorial Day. That way, the week of her party we can focus on set-up and food prep. So, there will be a lot of craft paper, digital editing, and wood cutting this week. But I’m looking forward to it as well. Holly has two final projects and presentations to complete, and this is our final project, if you will. The last big event we will have outside of her wedding, should she choose to get married.

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