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Reading: The Fervor by Alma Katsu

Listening: Packing for Mars by Mary Roach…and dance music

Watching: I’m trying to watch March Madness as much as possible while at Holly’s second dance competition of the year. Thank goodness for AirPods.

Cooking: Last week, I cooked up a storm as Jim’s godson was here for a visit. Spaghetti and meatballs, enchiladas, a one-pot chicken and rice dish, shepherd’s pie, Italian beef sandwiches, sausage tortellini soup, a citrus cake, two pies, and a chocolate cake. This week, I don’t plan to cook much at all.

Enjoying: It might not be a popular opinion, but I love the ever-changing weather that makes up this time of year. The inconsistency makes each day a big surprise. I have also been enjoying the basketball games this weekend. So many upsets, and I always love to see how well I predict those upsets with my bracket. Plus, I think many of the games have b en fabulous. You can’t ask for anything better for a tournament to determine the best of the best.

Planning: Next week, I plan to take it easy. I always need a day or two to recover from dance weekends, and last week was stressful insofar as I don’t know Jim’s godson very well, and I felt like I was always “on” while trying to get to know him and make sure he was comfortable during his visit. It has been several years since I have had a fourteen-year-old boy in the house. I know they eat as if it is their last meal, but I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been for that.

Feeling: I know I am not the only one, but these days, my primary emotion is a general feeling of being overwhelmed. I grew up through the Cold War and watched the Challenger explosion live and the aftermath before we thought there might have been foul play involved. I watched Wolf Blitzer as we entered the first Iraq. My husband was in the Army for Kosovo, on September 11th, for the second Iraq war, and the beginning of Afghanistan. Yet, I have never been as worried about any of that as I am about what is occurring in Ukraine. There is something about the unpredictable insanity driving Putin, his massive ego, and his sense of entitlement that makes me feel that we are on the precipice of World War III. I do not doubt that Putin would not hesitate to press that nuclear button. These last two years have been trying, but I fear we haven’t seen anything yet.

Upcoming: Holly has a bit of a break with dance spring break next week, and school spring break the week after that. This means that I get a break with a chance to relax. I have a grad party to plan, invites to design, grad announcements to address, and the general increase in household chores that comes with warmer temperatures. Yeah, relaxing is definitely in order.

How are you doing? What have you been doing to maintain your mental health with the headlines that keep getting worse? Have you made anything particularly tasty? Read anything that you could ‘t put down? Watch anything that you couldn’t stop watching?


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