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Reading: Finishing up Empire of Sin by Gary Krist.

Listening: Classical music and trying to figure out my next audiobook. Do I choose something short and sweet to up my finished book count? Or something longer to avoid having to write a review quickly?

Watching: One guess — Yep, football! It’s playoff time, after all! And I do want to watch Ben Roethlisberger as he plays his last season.

Cooking: Tonight, I’m making Pasta de Limone because it is cold, and nothing is more comforting than cheesy pasta. I also have slow cooker sloppy joes on the menu and Santa Fe chicken and pork chops in a mushroom sauce. We will be back into negative temperatures this week, so we will need all the gut-warming foods we can get.

Enjoying: A clean house, my new laptop, my new phone, and the fact that I did all the household chores yesterday so that I could do nothing today.

Planning: A quiet week after last week. I only have two days of workouts planned this week and no other appointments.

Feeling: Perplexed and upset that people are so angry and rude these days. I realized this week just how much it bothers me that it seems that collectively society forgot how to be polite. I am so tired of the hatred and the blaming. It isn’t doing anything other than entrenching each side even further than they are. Just because we had to listen to Douche 45 and his lackeys do this for four years doesn’t mean we have to continue the behavior towards people who have differing opinions than we do.

Upcoming: Holly has a poms performance on Thursday, so we will watch her performance and stay for the basketball game since her varsity basketball is pretty damn good this year. Basketball is another favorite sport, but I like to watch it live much more than I do on TV.

What are you up to these days? Reading or making anything good?

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