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It is 66 degrees and sunny right now. We have windows open. The dogs are snoozing. The Packers beat the Bears…again. It’s a great Sunday!

All’s quiet on the Shannon front. Nothing totally unusual happened this week. Tallulah saw the vet for the first time in two years. Holly performed for her last football game. Holly and I cheered on the high school marching band at the state marching band competition yesterday. Jim didn’t travel for once. In fact, we were actually able to eat dinner with Holly once this week – a rare occurrence indeed. And we all continue to get caught up on overdue check-ups and ignored health issues. Fun times.

This week, Holly and I are going on a short, self-guided college tour. Jim is welcoming a new member to his staff.  I continue to hold down the fort, cooking, and cleaning, and doing my own thing. Jim and I are thoroughly enjoying this season’s GBBO, even if some of the accents are a little thicker and more annoying than normal. We both are cheering for Giuseppe and Jurgen because their stuff looks amazing. Jim and I also started Dopesick, which we find SO well-done and yet infuriating. Plus, you know, lots and lots of football because it is only the best sports season. 🙂

Since Holly is gone…again…Jim and I are looking at another quiet Sunday night as we prepare for the upcoming week. More football is on the agenda since Pittsburgh plays tonight. To me, it’s the best way to end the weekend. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and relaxing!

Tell me, what’s going on with you? Reading or watching anything good? Made any good recipes?

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