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I don’t know about you but my desire to celebrate the founding of this country is at an all-time low. Which is a good thing when you have absolutely zero plans to do anything this holiday weekend. Holly has to work again tonight. Meanwhile, Jim is currently in bed felled by the very same cold that had me flat on my back for two days last weekend. (This is what he gets for laughing at me when he found out I had a cold after spending the previous weekend facing masses of humanity without masks at the last dance competition of the year.) Plus, the temperatures are back up into the 90s again. We don’t have a grill yet, so there will be no cookout regardless of whether Jim felt up to the task or even wanted to eat. All of this is enough to make me do nothing but camp inside with the dogs, doing whatever I want and determining which takeout I want to order for myself.

I am slowly but surely coming out from under the rock under which I unknowingly buried myself. As I was telling Jim the other day, I don’t know which is scarier – the type of depressive episode which keeps you in bed unable to face the world or the type of depressive episode which keeps you functional and completely unaware that something is wrong. I can’t go to the doctor until September, but I will be adding this spring to my list of notes to discuss with her at my appointment.

We bought Holly’s car when she was fourteen. With no need to keep a third car at that time, we sold my car and I had been using hers with the intention that I would get something new once she got her license. Then the pandemic hit, and I lost my job. I definitely didn’t need a car then either. Except, a funny thing happened. It turns out that when you have a child as busy as mine and a husband who travels almost constantly for work, you do need your own car after all. It was a frustrating fall and spring as we juggled vehicles and did late night dropoffs and pickups from bus stations to make sure everyone got to where they needed to be. Thankfully, and much to my surprise, Jim presented me with a new car for my birthday. Well, he presented me with a picture of my car, which had yet to be manufactured. After another frustrating six weeks of juggling vehicles, I finally picked up my shiny new Tesla Model Y last Saturday. She is SO pretty and fast. It will take some adjusting to the autosteer feature, but I love her so much. She makes me want to make sure I am always put together before I go anywhere so that I can match her. Which isn’t a bad thing when trying to find yourself again.

Holly’s one week of vacation comes to an end today, and she picks right back up with her dance schedule of nine hours of dance classes on top of rehearsals as well as work. There is also talk of her trying out for a local version of The Nutcracker, auditions for which are this Wednesday. I don’t know where she will find the time to add that to her schedule this fall, but I have no doubt she will make it work. Somehow, she always does.

On a fun note, my fifteen-year-old nephew pitched his first no-hitter this past Thursday. To say we are all a little excited is an understatement. He was born with a glove on his hand, as my brother played baseball through college and is the head coach for the high school where he teaches, so it comes as no surprise that he excels at the sport. Yet, he continues to surpass our expectations for his age, having pitched at the varsity level this past year while still a freshman. He has his eye on one of the schools that always has a place in the College World Series, Vanderbilt. If he keeps showing improved speed and that deadly accuracy he showed on Thursday, when he struck out 16 of 21 batters, that is one very realistic dream. It is just so much fun to watch unfold.

As I told Holly before she left for work last night, this holiday is one of the worst for drunk drivers, and this year is going to be particularly bad as everyone tries to shake off the past year. I saw it a little bit two weeks ago when the dance competition took away its mask mandate. People are ready to party, and this weekend is the perfect excuse for them to do so. I hope everyone is staying cool and safe this holiday weekend. I may not have been interacting with anyone for the past few months, but I have been watching all social media from afar and I don’t want anyone I know to get hurt this weekend!

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