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Namesake by Adrienne Young

Namesake by Adrienne Young is the second half of a fabulous duology involving one of the toughest heroines you will ever meet. Fable is not just physically tough, but she has the mental fortitude to go up against the most heartless of merchants/mercenaries. This time around, we get to see Fable pit her wits against even more cutthroats and ruthless characters, and she doesn’t disappoint.

After a year of not going anywhere, the tropical setting of Namesake is enough to instill wanderlust in even the most agoraphobic of readers, and what a setting it is. Ms. Young brings the tropics to you with gorgeous descriptive passages that makes you want to find an old schooner and learn how to sail.

Namesake is exactly what you want in the end of a character’s story. Ms. Young closes out Fable’s story with numerous big reveals and clever twists, enough to keep you on your toes and prevent you from guessing how it all will end. At the same time, she makes sure to provide readers with closure, finishing Fable’s journey to find where she belongs in a way that is satisifying as well as enjoyable. Everyone gets what they deserve, even if it isn’t quite what you expect. I highly recommend both Fable and Namesake for the story, for the setting, and most definitely for Fable herself.

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