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The Dawn Chorus by Samantha Shannon is a great bridge between the end of The Song Rising and the upcoming The Mask Falling. Not much occurs among its pages, and yet so much happens that gives us greater insight into Paige.

This is especially important given what Paige experiences at the hands of Scion. Through this novella, Ms. Shannon does not ignore the trauma done to both mind and body but rather explores it so that we can see that her Scion experience will haunt Paige for a long time to come. As the leader of the rebellion, one can only imagine the ramifications of it on her decision-making skills.

We also get to learn more about Paige’s time as Warden’s captive in Sheol I and see the fragility of her current relationship with him. He is so good for her, and I have always been a Paige and Warden ‘shipper. Again, what happens between them is very subtle but I imagine very important for the next book.

The Dawn Chorus is by no means an easy novella to read. The extensive physical damage from which Paige must recover makes for difficult reading, but it is the mental trauma that breaks your heart. Again, Ms. Shannon does not gloss over any of it, so we must agonize as we watch Paige suffer, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Paige has tremendous strength of character, and towards the end of the novella, you see hints of her inner strength shining through the scars. If anything, it makes me that much more anxious to read The Mask Falling.

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