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Brief Cases by Jim Butcher

Oh, Harry Dresden, how I have missed you! Even though Jim Butcher collated his short story collection, Brief Cases, two years ago, I used this collection to reintroduce myself into Harry’s world. The stories served to refresh my memory and filled in some blanks that I didn’t know I was missing.

Within the collection, Mr. Butcher introduces new narrators with their unique points of view they provide. Not only does this go a long way to rounding out our knowledge of Harry Dresden and his character, but these new narrators also emphasize the fact that Harry’s influence is much larger than he may realize.

While not necessary for the overarching series, Brief Cases provides a fun way to get to know auxiliary characters a bit more as you wait for the next book in the series. In addition, the different narrators simply served to enhance James Marsters’ consistently excellent narration. For me, Brief Cases was an excellent respite from election anxiety and made me realize just how much I missed this series.

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