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It’s been another week, hasn’t it? Sadly, I feel that Tr*mp is only going to double-down on his insane antics as we draw closer to election day, especially if the polls continue to show he is not in the lead. Plus, Bill Maher and John Oliver, as well as other pundits, are sharing the ways in which he could hijack the election even if the numbers show a landslide victory for Biden/Harris. We are talking unprecedented levels of power-grabbing by the GOP, and that is saying something considering the Barrett nomination. In other words, buckle up, folks. The end is not even close, and who knows what we will have to do to get him out of the White House.

In happier news, the condo is looking good. We have a driveway. All of the trim is complete, as is the painting. We are missing only three of the doors; all the rest are complete with handles. We have one vanity top installed in the bathroom with the other two waiting for installation. The best news is that all of our light fixtures were installed last week. I may have done a little happy dance when I saw them. When we next see the house, we should have our flooring and our sprinkler system, if not our lawn, and fully completed landscaping.

After that, we wait. The builder initially thought he would be done on October 30th, which means, the bank would not be able to finish their appraisal and closing documentation until after that. Our current closing date is now November 12th. The builders are doing everything possible to finish before that date, not only to get us into the house but also so that they can get their money. However, they can’t finish without countertops, and the countertops could take as long as three weeks or more to complete. EVERYTHING hinges on how fast the company can complete the kitchen counters. He has already had one week for cutting and prepping. I am trying not to calendar-watch, but I don’t think I was this aware of the passing days since my pregnancies.

Holly remains in quarantine until Tuesday. On Wednesday, she gets to take the PSAT. Nothing says freedom like standardized tests. She is being a trooper about the whole thing, even though I know she is itching to be able to see her friends in person again, even with masks and social distancing. In a way, though, it is a good experience, and she realizes just how serious the situation is, especially as Wisconsin becomes a huge virus hotspot. Personally, I can’t wait to give her a big hug!

Take care of yourselves, friends! The news is insane and getting worse. Who knows what the GOP has up their sleeves for the next month and after the election. It will be up to all of us to remain vigilant, to call out abuses of power, and to stand up to overt obstruction of justice. If you have not done so, vote. Volunteer to become a poll worker. Volunteer to help drive people to the polling places. Get involved so that the GOP and Tr*mpers don’t hijack this election with false claims of voter fraud.

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