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Guys, it has not been the greatest of weeks. We have not received much in the way of good news. RBG’s passing was pretty much the icing on the cake.

We have ten more days before we close on the sale of our current house. Unfortunately, we recently found out that our cabinets are on backorder and delayed by three weeks. This means that our closing on the new house is now two weeks later than what we planned.

To make matters worse, we bought our appliances with a delivery date for the end of August. Jim just happened to check in with the store to let them know of the delay, only to find out that all but our washer and dryer are also on backorder. The store never bothered to let us know. At this point in time, we don’t know when we will be receiving them. We know the builders need them by October 22nd.

We have been looking for a place to stay in town since Holly cannot leave due to dance, school, and her new job. Unfortunately, we struck out there too. Holly’s best friend’s mom absolutely adores Holly and has graciously agreed to let Holly stay with her for the month, but Jim and I will be stuck moving back into my parents’ house 75 minutes away. We are all heartbroken about this. Holly doesn’t want to move, let alone leave the dogs for a month. Jim and I look at it as a month lost when the amount of time we have with her at home is rapidly disappearing. The whole thing really, really sucks.

As if this wasn’t enough, at our six-month dental check-ups, I discovered that I need my root canal retreated. Plus, Holly’s wisdom teeth are close enough to erupting that we need to consider having them pulled sooner rather than later. Jim and I weren’t expecting the wisdom teeth thing this soon. As for me, I was literally just complaining to Jim about how all of my major dental work has been the result of previous shoddy dental work – sealants that never sealed, cavities that the dentist did not clean properly. And now, a root canal that the dentist did not properly treat. Is it any wonder I detest the dentist?

So, yes, it’s been a pretty shitty few weeks. The bright spots are Holly and packing up the house. If ever you want to purge your belongings, I highly recommend moving. It is the best for that. I have been having a blast going through everything and Marie Kondo-ing everything. It is truly cathartic getting rid of shit you don’t need or want. It’s even more fun trying to figure out why you got it in the first place.

As for Holly, she is amazing. Her dedication this year impresses me. I don’t have to worry about her getting up for school. On the days where she has school virtually, she gets up and goes to the library for quiet, undisturbed study. No fighting to get her to finish her homework. Unlike last year, she manages to go to bed before midnight every day. And, she has been diligent about finding a job now that she is sixteen and no longer needs a work permit. She found one at a fast food restaurant, making way more than minimum wage with a manager she likes. In fact, her manager doesn’t want Holly working weeknights because of school. She won’t get a lot of hours — we agreed she should aim for 10 to 20 hours a week — but it provides her with enough to pay for gas as well as her portion of our auto insurance premium each month, put some into savings, and still have some spending money. All this plus she helps me around the house, with packing or taking care of the dogs, is willing to go the store for me, and in general is indispensible. I am so, so proud of her.

So, that’s all the latest from my end. All I have left to pack are the remainder of my books, the kitchen, coat closets, and our clothes. We want the movers to come take everything and deposit it at the new house on the 29th, so I have just over a week to finish four rooms. The buyers close their end of the deal at 1 PM on September 30th, and we will officially be homeless until sometime in October. The builder is shooting for an occupancy date of October 30th. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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