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Happy Sunday!

Like many of you, I spent much of the week horrified by the news out of Kenosha. It hurts my heart that this happened in Wisconsin. I love my state and want to believe we are better than that. While it would be so easy (and comforting) to say that what happened to Jacob Blake was a fluke, I know it is not. Part of my allyship efforts this week included learning about the rampant racism that exists in Milwaukee and its suburbs. It is not easy to see the statistics and realize your state is no better than the South when it comes to racism and segregation.

This only serves to prove that systemic racism will not change with a new president in November. These policies were in place long before D-bag 45 ever took office, as much as I would love to blame him. The only thing we can do is to continue to support the Black Lives Matter movement. I plan do to this through protesting, donating, and electing officials who will enact tolerance laws and siphon funds from the police into social services.

August ends on Monday. As Holly laments starting back to school on September 1st, I can only wonder where the summer went. Other than that trip to Pittsburgh, we didn’t do anything. Yet, I can honestly say that the summer simply disappeared on us.

The month of August is always busy thanks to Holly’s intense dance schedule. To give you an idea of how many trips to the studio we took this month, I put 500 miles onto the truck during August. The farthest distance we traveled was 11 miles one way. That is a lot of trips.

This past week, there weren’t trips to the studio but to the high school. Holly had her last few sessions of behind-the-wheel training for driver’s ed as well as some school events she had to attend. As of 3 PM this afternoon, she has nothing left on her calendar for the rest of the month. Even better, she completed driver’s ed and will be getting her driver’s license on Monday. For the first time in 20 years, I will not have to drive a child anywhere. This chauffeur is officially retiring.

Jim returned from his business trip yesterday, which means we are spending the day at the condo getting measurements. As part of an effort to keep the costs down, Jim will build my bookshelves as well as all the shelving and bars for our closets. (We are also going to be laying the floors, painting the walls, and finishing the trim in the finished basement.) Now that we have finished walls, it is time to get started on that project! I suspect my life will consist of paintbrushes, nail guns, boxes, and packing tape for the next month, to which I say “Bring it!”

How are you holding up? Do you have any words of advice for not feeling like the world is ending? What keeps you busy these days? If your kids are back in school, how is it going? I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. May you find solace among your loved ones.

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