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Happy Sunday, folks!

We sold our house!! Actually, last week, we had a contract that was contingent upon the buyer selling his house. He signed a contract for his house on Friday, which means we are good to move forward and consider the house Under Contract. Now, we have to wait until August 30th to determine if everyone obtains their financing, and we should be good. We don’t close the sale until September 30th, so that gives us two months to sell the furniture and pack up what is left.

Unfortunately, the builders do not expect to finish our condo until October 15th, so we will be homeless for at least two weeks. I have hopes that they can shave off a week from that date and that they will let us move our furniture but not take occupancy until we close with them. I am not too worried about any of it though. Selling our house is a huge relief, as is not having to maintain the house staging. Plus, selecting tile and flooring and light fixtures is a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I cannot wait to see the final product!

It is H-O-T here today. We are under a heat advisory right now, with current temperatures at 92 degrees but feels like 102. We are expecting thunderstorms this afternoon to break the heat and humidity. I desperately need to hit the grocery store as everything I have to make involves the stove or oven, and there is no way I am turning either on right now. So, sandwiches are in store until Holly and I shop tomorrow.

The rest of the day will be spent inside (thank goodness for air conditioning). Holly is attempting to teach herself how to play the piano again. Jim has many a project to do for the new house; he committed to building a murphy bed/desk for the guest bedroom/office as well as an IKEA KALLAX type unit for my new living room, and that is just the first two projects. Meanwhile, I find one of the best ways to spend my time is to listen to an audiobook while working on my cross-stitch. Not only do I feel productive, but I find it supremely relaxing as well.

I hope everyone is remaining cool and healthy, finding ways to relax and to remind yourself of what is truly important these days. This pandemic will end. Douchebag 45 will leave office. The ongoing protests will result in changes in ending systemic racism. We just need to hang in there, wear your mask, make good trouble, and vote. We can do this.

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