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Happy Sunday, folks!

I honestly don’t know what to say or think anymore. I look at the COVID numbers for the county, state, and country, and I wonder why so many people are so freaking selfish. I hear my teacher-friends joking (but not) about how they are going to die because the school board is forcing them back into the classroom while making PPE for the students optional. I see people trying to return to normal when there is no normal. If we can’t get people to wear masks to protect themselves and others, do we really think these same people are going to get a vaccine that they will have to get at least once a year, if not more often depending on how long the antibodies last? It certainly doesn’t make me feel good about the fate of humanity.

Is it just me or does it feel like Douchebag 45 is really doubling down on his stupidity and egocentrism lately? Just when I think he can’t say anything more unintelligent or uninformed, he comes out with another whopper, and I am astounded all over again. Then, I see these headlines touting that Biden has a double-digit lead right now, and I flashback to 2016 when all the headlines had Hilary winning. I don’t want anyone to get complacent just because the media says Biden might win. We can’t afford it.

The loss of John Lewis and C. T. Vivian made me depressed, but the news about Ruth Bader Ginsburg has me freaking out. Y’all, if she dies before the election… I can’t even think about it because it will be the worst shitshow to hit this country, and that’s saying a lot.

On a positive front, we have a signed contract on our house after just three weeks on the market! The contract is contingent upon the buyers selling their house, so technically, the house is still for sale. Now, we hope for buyers who don’t have to worry about selling a house who are willing to best the contracted selling amount. Plus, the buyers agreed to our closing date of late September which means we don’t have to worry about condo completion dates and closing dates too far apart. It is a huge weight off our shoulders. Even though it means more weeks of keeping the house show-ready, I don’t mind because we have a fallback option.

Speaking of the condo, the construction is moving along. Jim and I picked out cabinets and vanities this week. We have a meeting on Tuesday to select flooring and tile for the bathrooms. Jim will be making custom furniture for the guest bedroom/office, so he’s busy looking at plans for those. I keep looking at furniture and place settings since the color scheme of the new house and the functions of the rooms will be the complete opposite of what we have now. We bought all the appliances and made all the changes to the plans we can make. The builders completed the framing this week. The plumbers and electricians are next. I feel like once we get to this point, construction moves quickly. We still have a closing date around the first week of October. I don’t know what would take them that long, but who knows? I am so excited to get into that house, even if it means packing up over 100 boxes of books. (I had 30 boxes when we moved here eight years ago, and I doubled or even tripled the number of books I own since then.)

Everything else is business as usual. We wear our masks when out in public. We limit our socializing. Jim continues to work. Holly is still dancing. I spend a lot of my time playing Homescapes or Two Dots when not busy cleaning or doing laundry. The dogs get lots of walks as it gives us something to do, and I started cooking again now that I have a cleaning regiment in place. It isn’t an exciting life, but we find ways to have fun.

I wish everyone the mental fortitude to continue dealing with the pandemic, the racist ignoramus in the presidency, and the fight against white supremacy in this country. I don’t know if I can say that we truly are lucky to be alive right now, but you can honestly say that there is no such thing as a dull news day anymore.

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