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Seasons of the Storm by Elle Cosimano

Seasons of the Storm by Elle Cosimano is a cute story that personifies our seasons. In theory, it is the beginning of a new series, but with the ending it has, I am not certain how that is; the story is complete as it stands. While I can see the potential storyline should Ms. Cosimano continue, I don’t think it necessary for her to do so. I would much rather she leave her characters alone, especially because I don’t believe Seasons of the Storm is all that strong a story.

I say that because the love story that drives the plot, between Winter and Spring, is weak. This storyline, I believe, is more like love at first sight, but without any zing or any other indicator. We meet Jack and Fleur well into their odd relationship, developed over years of their flirting before Fleur kills Jack each spring, but we never get insight into how their relationship developed. As such, we never get the chance to build a relationship with them, something I feel is necessary to champion for them as they flee for their lives.

Also, while the elemental magic is cool, as is the idea of personified seasons, we don’t get much knowledge regarding why the seasons need to kill each other every year. We hear about the rules that guide their lives, but we don’t really get a chance to understand them or know why someone established the rules until the very end. For a story that is all about people bucking the rules and trying to escape, I feel this is a severe lack of knowledge that, once again, fails to build a connection between the characters and the reader.

Lastly, when a story’s existence hinges on two potential lovers fleeing so that they can be happy together, the chemistry between the potential lovers is key. Sadly, I feel there is little to no chemistry between Jack and Fleur. I just don’t get their relationship. Wanting to flee a rigid cycle of death, waiting, and rebirth makes sense, as does wanting to get to know other seasons. To cheer on Jack and Fleur as they cross the country, I want to experience butterflies. I want that little frisson of delight in my belly that denotes a truly believable and swoon-worthy relationship, and I never get that.

Seasons of the Storm does its job as being a pleasant distraction from the dual weights of the ongoing pandemic and Black Lives Matter revolution. But that is all it is – a distraction. Unfortunately, the lack of backstory, the lack of world-building, and weak character dynamics make it all too forgettable. I appreciate the unique approach to weather and enjoyed every time the characters used their powers, but I want to know more. With more, I believe Seasons of the Storm could be great. As it stands, however, it is simply okay.

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