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Hideaway by Nora Roberts

I do not hide my obsession passion for Nora Roberts’ novels. I find them akin to that great feeling of coming home and sinking into your own bed after a trip. They are comforting, welcoming, and entertaining. They never fail to improve my mood and put everything to rights in my messy mind.

Her newest novel, Hideaway does just that. It is a story I loved from the opening page, as we meet the Sullivan family and follow Cate’s ordeal as it unfolds. The Big Sur setting is the perfect anecdote to sheltering in place. As always, Ms. Roberts’ descriptions are so vivid that it makes you want to move there. All of the characters have a work ethic that is admirable, dedicated to doing their jobs to the best of their abilities no matter their fame and wealth. Plus, Ms. Roberts reiterates her oft-used theme that the best types of families are those you make, whether they include biological family members or not. The romance element of the novel is fluid and believable and enhances the full story. To me, Hideaway is another fabulous offering by what I consider to be a queen of entertaining storytelling.

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