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Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts

Everyone has an author or two that makes them feel at home. The author’s works provide a much-needed break from reality, no matter how often you read them. They are the shelter in a storm, a meditative break in a chaotic world. For me, Nora Roberts is one of those authors, and after losing my job, going into self-isolation, reading some weird books and watching the shitshow that is “Tiger King,” her novel Whiskey Beach was exactly what I needed to reset from all of it.

As always, Ms. Roberts makes me rethink my life choices of living in the Midwest by her gorgeous descriptions. Because of her, I have wanted to live in Alaska, Montana, and now, once again, on the Atlantic Ocean in one of the original thirteen states. The idea of being able to walk out of your back door and onto the beach sounds SO good right now, especially when there is no water in sight for me and all of the state parts are now closed to the public for safety reasons.

What really struck a chord with me in Whiskey Beach was the main character’s own struggles. Not only was he suffering from depression, but he was facing a crisis of identity and was working through transitioning from a job he enjoyed but was not his passion. While I have never wanted to become an author, like Eli, there is something about Abra’s freedom at finding all the things she loves and making a go of all of it that I find inspiring and uplifting. Plus, Eli’s struggles to get out of bed each day are a great little personal mental shove for me to get up and just do something.

I adore Ms. Roberts’ novels for so many reasons. Her writing is beautiful, descriptive as a picture, and perfect for sinking into the story. Her stories almost always have the most amazing blend of romance, mystery, and suspense. Her characters run the gamut from wealthy heiress to down-on-her-luck waitress and back again. But the main reason Ms. Roberts is my go-to author for when I am struggling is that I tend to read the right book at the right time. I have had Whiskey Beach since its publication in 2013, but something called to me to read it now when reading about a depressed ex-lawyer who is struggling with identity and family and accusations of wrong-doing would impact me the most. And this happens every time I read a Nora Roberts novel. So she is my go-to gal, and Whiskey Beach was the pick-me-up I needed.

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