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Where the Wild Things Bite by Molly HarperAccidental Sire by Molly HarperPeace, Blood, and Understanding

After finally finishing the audiobook versions of the Game of Thrones series, and trying to stave off quarantine depression and anxiety, I felt it was high time to fall back onto one of my favorite series on audiobook, the Half-Moon Hollow series by Molly Harper narrated by Amanda Ronconi. Long-time readers will know how much I love this author/narrator duo, and the chance to catch up on the stories I missed over the years was a welcome respite.

Where the Wild Things Bite follows Anna Whitfield as she attempts to deliver a rare and priceless artifact to Jane Jameson in Half-Moon Hollow, only to be attacked on the plane, which subsequently crashes into a remote part of Western Kentucky. Her lone companion happens to be the highly suspicious but gorgeous Finn Palmeroy, who just happens to be a vampire. The story follows a familiar Molly Harper format with hijinks, serious confessions, a little bit of romance, some unexpected twists, and danger. It is also one of the few books in the series that does not include Jane adding to her already large collection of friends. It is about as close to a stand-alone novel as one can get from the thirteenth book in the series.

We shift back to the Jameson clan in book fifteen, Accidental Sire, which explores the unusual transformation of Megan with Jane as her foster mother. It is refreshing to get back to the basics, if you will, and see Jane in her element of caring for her family in that mother bear way she has. Plus, it has been a long time since we have had the chance to step into a new-born vampire’s mindset. Shenanigans ensue.

The most recent book in the series is Peace, Blood, and Understanding. This time, we meet Meadow, a rather hippy-ish vampire with a shady past who has firmly entrenched herself into Jane’s clan. We also meet Erik Weston, a NY vampire sent by the Council to audit Jane’s performance as Council representative for Western Kentucky. A stuck-up NY snob and a hippy Kentuckian? The story practically writes itself. In fact, for that reason, I found this to be one of the weaker stories in the series. For one, the romantic development between the two was practically nonexistent until boom, there it is. Plus, there really were no twists this time. It was too predictable with a romance that was a bit of a dud.

Still, Ms. Harper’s books never fail to pull me out of a slump. I listened to each of these over the course of five evenings, enjoying the familiarity of the characters, Ms. Ronconi’s delightful narration, and the comfort of knowing exactly what I was going to get.

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