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The Bear by Andrew Krivak

According to the blurb, The Bear by Andrew Krivak is a fable. I have no idea whether this is correct. I struggle with understanding fables and allegories and parables, so if there is a lesson to learn through this story, it is not one I bothered to decipher.

Even though I may have completely missed the point of the story, I thoroughly enjoyed The Bear. It is simply a lovely story. The writing is gorgeous. The descriptions are beautiful and make this modern gal long for a simpler way of life. Even though it describes the actions and adventures of the last people on Earth, there is nothing melancholic or disturbing about it. Rather, I like it to a commune with nature – peaceful, honest, simple. Lovely.

To be fair, I read this fable about the last two people on Earth before the Covid-19 panic started here in the United States. Still, I think that one could even enjoy it while stuck at home either through self-isolation of state-mandated “stay in place” edicts. So much of The Bear is about coping and making the best of a truly shitty situation. Need I say more?

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