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Holly’s English class is finishing up their discussion of To Kill A Mockingbird this week by watching the classic movie with Gregory Peck. Holly and I have held many a discussion about the book and now the movie because I was curious about her thoughts. While everyone I know will declare it one of the better book-to-movie adaptations, apparently Holly’s teacher is not a fan anymore after watching it year after year. One could argue that she should probably select a different novel to teach then, which is true. However, having just finished it, Holly thinks it is still a relevant piece of fiction and would not want to see it removed from the curriculum. What she would like to see is a remake of the movie, one which focuses more on the racism and prejudice within the story. We then got to pondering just who would play the role of Atticus Finch if someone were to remake the movie. I honestly could not think of any actor who has Peck’s gravitas and wholesomeness. Holly’s fear is that the casting directors would select a big name, thereby influencing how you view the character because you are already familiar with the actor.

So I throw this out to you guys. Who would you cast for a remake of To Kill A Mockingbird? Someone famous or someone relatively unknown? Give me your dream cast because I am drawing some serious blanks here!

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