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Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff

There is something about Jay Kristoff’s tale of a revenge-driven assassin that hits all the right notes for me. It may be bloodier than the worst slasher film with more twists and turns than the Minotaur’s labyrinth, but holy hells, I cannot get enough. Mia, for all her lust for revenge, is perfection. She is loyal, driven, independent, strong, and so very conflicted. Mia may be a cold-blooded killer, but I find her one of the most sympathetic characters I’ve read.

As for the rest of the story, the world Mia inhabits is so rich in detail that it practically jumps off the page. The “anonymous” author’s footnotes are the perfect addition to the world-building, providing useful information as well as comic relief. Snappy dialogue, smoldering romance, and suspenseful action round out the story in a way that makes it nearly impossible to stop reading. Almost every line is quote-worthy, whether snarky or profound. Through Mia and all of his characters, Mr. Kristoff shows how much he understands people and the emotions that rule us. Plus, if ever there was a cautionary tale about judging someone based on appearances alone, Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff and the rest of the Nevernight Chronicles are it!

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