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Chosen by Kiersten White

Reading Chosen, being back in the Buffyverse, made me feel twenty years younger. It made me feel as if anything – and everything – is possible, the way I did before adulthood punched me in the face. Twenty-something Michelle shouted with joy every time a beloved character entered a scene. Hells, I practically sobbed with joy at every Buffy mention. The nostalgia factor is just as huge in this sequel as it was with the first book.

In this book, Kiersten White really proves that she understands what makes the Buffyverse so special. Yes, she did this to some extent in the first book, but her knowledge of the voice and tics of the story really shine in this second novel. She perfectly captures the tenor of the dialogue and the pacing of the story. She also excels at balancing the violence with the humor with the lessons learned. Plus, her characters are stars in their own right. Nina has the best sense of community. Yet, you totally understand Artemis’ desire to feel special. I may have started the Slayer series because of my love of all things Buffy, but I continue to read the series because it is everything I love about Buffy with a modern-day approach to inclusion, duty, and love.

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