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Two mass shootings in two days. There are no words to describe the anger I feel at the senseless loss of life all because our governmental representatives are so scared to do anything that would upset their donors. Families today must deal with the worst kind of grief because one group has so much power and influence that it can sway all three branches of the government. What I want today is for the NRA to disband in shame and publicly acknowledge and make retributions for their involvement in these latest shootings – and all shootings that happened since Columbine so many years ago. Since that will not happen in my lifetime, I urge you to take action instead. Reach out to your congressmen and women. Reach out to your senators. Bombard the White House with messages about your anger at the lack of sensible gun control.

Here are the links to just a few groups lobbying for gun control and an end to all this avoidable violence. Let’s stay loud and let DC know that we are tired of seeing our babies die needless deaths. This has gone on for too long.

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