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Happy Sunday!

Holly and I are spending the weekend at the final regional dance competition of the season. We have one more to go, nationals at the end of June, but our schedule should ease for the next few weeks as the dance year winds to a close. I, for one, am ready to put this entire season behind us. It took its toll on me this year, and I don’t know why.

Jim started the week on another business trip. He tends to send us pictures of puppies for sale but refuses to bring one back with him. Not only are Holly and I left by ourselves, but he makes it worse by teasing us with pictures of adorable floofiness. It is so unfair.

I ended up finishing April having read eleven books. It isn’t a record, but it is more than I read in February or in March, so it is a nice upward trend. With my weekends becoming freer and no major sports I like to watch, it should mean more available reading time. It is also hammock weather soon, which is always a great way to read and relax.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday and wish everyone a peaceful, stress-free work week!


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