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Happy Sunday!

It is another semi-free weekend for us; semi-free because while Holly and I do not have to spend it at a hotel and in a darkened theater, Holly still had dance rehearsals yesterday and again today. Jim has dance duty this weekend, which means I have been able to sit and relax as much as possible. It has been glorious.

The weather has not been quite as impressive. Yesterday, we were under a winter storm warning for a majority of the day, and yes, it did snow. This came after experiencing gorgeous spring weather for most of the work week. You know I enjoy the snow more than most people, but yesterday’s storm was a bit much for even me. I want to say that is the last of the winter storms, but I said that about the one we had two weeks ago so who knows? I don’t know anything anymore other than the weather most likely will not be what I expect it to be.

The rest of the week was uneventful. Work and school filled our days, and our evenings required some chauffeuring for make-up dance classes. My allergies kicked in, so I found myself trying to go to bed early for relief. I cooked for the first time in weeks, and we all tried to enjoy the downtime as much as possible.

I discovered that all eight seasons of Game of Thrones are available through On Demand, so Jim and I finally started to watch it. It hooked us immediately, as I suspected it would. Give me a well-told high fantasy story, and I am going to want to do nothing but watch it. At the same time, Holly and I have made zero progress on our Avengers movie project, so I am desperately trying to avoid Endgame spoilers. I have been attempting to avoid Infinity War spoilers for a year now with some success, so my hopes are high. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

With that, I am off to read, nap, and do whatever I want. I hope everyone is having a great weekend and wish you all a stress-free work week!


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