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Happy Sunday!

We made it through the worst of the competition season and have one more competition to go before the regional season finishes. I can’t say that we came out unscathed, as I developed a severe sinus infection midway through the last two weeks that made me want to hide in the hotel room rather than socialize and watch dance all day. There was drama, as there always is, some tears of frustration, and more awards and trophies than one would think possible. The team is having an excellent year, as their hard work and dedication shows on the stage and off.

Now, we have two glorious weekends without the need to pack, rush around, or toss and turn in an unfamiliar hotel bed. Holly even had a whole week without dance classes. That was probably my favorite thing ever. No need to rush around in the evenings. Rather, I got the chance to slowly dig out of the mess of the house and the long list of chores that I was forced to neglect while Holly and I were busy with dance. It was a slow recovery, but I think I turned a corner and will go into the next week feeling pretty well caught up.

Even work seems to have taken a turn for the better. Again, it was a long slog to catch up on everything that I owed people, but I was able to cross the last item off that list on Friday. This means I get a full week to work ahead on things and start a project or two I have been wanting to tackle. I don’t feel like I am completely out of the woods quite yet. The past few months have been so hectic that I would be a fool to think those days are totally behind me. However, I feel like I have breathing room for the first time since November, and that is a good thing.

It seems that Winter finally decided to cede to Spring as well, but not without one last blast to remind us that she will be back all too soon. Last Sunday’s blizzard was not fun, especially as it caught us all unaware, without proper clothing or a scraper in the car to clear the windows. Yet, by the end of the week, the sun made an appearance for the first time in weeks and temperatures rose high enough to turn off the furnace and open the windows. Winter is still my favorite season, but I will admit to enjoying the feel of warmth on my skin.

Speaking of, I am off to enjoy the sun and warmth by doing nothing – because I can. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday, celebrating however you see fit.


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