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Happy Sunday!

I am taking some downtime during this competition weekend to get back to writing finally. It may not be one of the ten reviews I need to write, but I am taking the time to write something to take that first step towards getting my life back to normal after the craziness that was the end of the year.

Yes, I would say that I never wish to go through another acquisition that occurs at the beginning of the year ever again. It is too much all at once. What made it even worse is that the sale was not final until January 4th, so we had to close the year, close the month of January on the 3rd for the old owner, and then close it again at the end of January for the new owners. I have been playing catch-up on pretty much everything since that moment. We haven’t even begun to start diving into the differences between reports for publicly-traded companies and privately-owned ones. I do have a new manager and double the responsibilities though, as I added another plant to my jurisdiction, and that is why I feel like the proverbial chicken without its head and have felt this way since the holidays. I wish I could say I see things easing a bit, but until we fully transition into the new company, I fear chaos will reign supreme.

Jim has his struggles these days. His company is growing so quickly that he has to deal with the issues that come with such growth. His days are long, and he frequently brings work home with him in the evenings. Also, he signed up for another half-marathon in April and has been training for that. Because that is not difficult enough, he has been fighting a cough since February and just found out it is pneumonia. Thankfully, his only complaint is the cough. Then again, if he had any other symptoms, I suspect he would have seen a doctor a lot sooner than he did. Right now, there is no need for hospitalization; his doctor prescribed another round of antibiotics, and we hope to see some improvement soon.

Connor too is not having an easy time of things as he is still working through some anxiety and depression issues and finding a combination of medication that will ease his symptoms and allow him to have more good days. Thankfully, he has a great network of friends who are watching out for him and providing him the support he needs. Plus, he has hobbies he loves that help him get out of bed each day. The band is his first love, and right now he is in the middle of basketball tournament season with the tournament pep band. As I type this, Iowa State made it to the final for the Big Twelve conference and will be part of March Madness next weekend. As long as the team wins, he will be traveling to the games to play. He also joined a new club that is all about music. With this club, he participated in a podcast and did a stint for the school radio. There is even talk of getting his radio program at some point in time. For a kid who listens to one new album a week with no regard to genre, finding others as passionate about music is a great thing. He is still going strong on his aerospace engineering degree but is now not so confident he will finish the program in four years like he originally planned if only because a Spanish minor and an engineering major don’t mesh very well at times. No matter what happens though, Jim and I remain so proud of him not only because he has found a way to enjoy all of his favorite things but also because he is seeking help when the mental health stigma is still so strong. It is not easy for people twice his age to admit they need help, but he not only recognized the fact but sought out help on his own. It is just another reminder of how special he is.

As for Holly, her struggles are of her own making, as she is learning that she has not yet mastered the skill of time management. The Poms season just ended last week, and before then she was not able to start her homework most nights until after dance classes, which end at 9 PM. She is in all honors classes this year, and honors classes always mean a bit more homework than the regular classes. There are many nights she does not get ready for bed until after midnight only to wake up around 6 AM to do it all over again. While she knows that procrastination is a problem, she never complains and has not once failed to get up for school. And she plans to do it all again next year as she registered for an extra science class and an AP history class next year and has no intention of dropping any dance class. Jim and I keep a close eye on her to make sure she is not burning the candle a little too brightly at both ends, but she seems to be able to handle the load. Her grades are more than good, and, while she is still a teen who has her moods, she mostly remains her cheery, happy-go-lucky self. She impresses me daily.

2019 has been a challenge for all of us so far, but I know it won’t last. Job stress will ease. The school year will end. Medications will work. The fact that I can find the time and energy to write this post shows that things are improving a little bit at a time. Until I can settle into this new normal, know that I miss you all and have every intention of regular posting again. I will find a way. I miss talking about books too much and sharing my thoughts with all of you.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and a great Saint Patrick’s Day!


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