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Happy Sunday!

I knew new owners would mean changes and some craziness, but even I was not prepared for how much my daily work would change and that those changes would be almost immediate. It feels like I started the year behind in almost everything, and I am still playing catch-up. To make matters worse, most of the work is tedious. I spend almost all day working on spreadsheets, adding data or formatting, with very little actual analysis. It means some very long days and weeks that feel like months. I keep telling myself that I will catch up on my workload and can take finally take a breather, and it is that hope which helps me get out of bed each day.

These long days means I am exhausted by the time I get home. The weather, I am sure, has something to do with this as well. After a slow start, it has been a traditional southern Wisconsin winter with very little sunshine and a whole lot of cold and snow. The polar vortex of 2019 was brutal, and it seemed like it took a lot of energy just to function. Even with no dance in the evenings and no school activities, it seems like we did not do much during the worst of the cold. There were a lot of blankets, a lot of cuddling, and plenty of early nights and not a whole lot of anything else – including reading. Holly has been thoroughly enjoying her snow/dangerous weather days, and I will confess to having enjoyed our dance-free weeknights. I think we are all ready for a return to a normal schedule.

Everything else seems to be progressing as normal for this time of year. Holly and I are at another dance convention this weekend, and she performs her solo for the first time this year later tonight. It will be a long weekend, but I am confident it will end up being a good one. Jim has been traveling more often than normal lately, having missed the nastiest of the weather with trips to Oklahoma and Las Vegas. Holly and I enjoyed the premium doggy cuddling that occurred while he was gone though, so all was okay.

With the way this year is going, we are all in the “one day at a time” mentality, and that is okay. I’ve learned that there is only so much energy – mental, emotional, and physical – that a person can exude on any given day, and thinking about your future schedule only depletes those energy levels at a much faster rate. Some days are rougher than others, as Jim is dealing with supplier issues while Holly has a formidable workload on any given day, but we manage. There is no one trick to living this crazy life other than dealing with things as they come and picking our battles as often as possible.

That’s about all that is happening here. With a dance convention and a cheerleading competition, I am going to continue to hide in my room until I have no longer have a choice. Jim is hitting an auto show today with a good friend. We are all trying to relax and enjoy our weekend as much as possible before we enter another week.

I hope everyone is also enjoying their weekend, staying warm and cozy where necessary and relaxing before going back to work. Hopefully, I will see you back here next week!


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