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Sunday Reflections ButtonHappy Sunday!

Both of my children are under the same roof for the first time since November, so it is a good day. Connor was finally able to come home late last week and spend a small portion of his winter break with us. It has not been the easiest semester for him as he sought help for severe anxiety and depression, so I am thankful he is home. (It has not been easy on me knowing he is suffering on his own.) Unfortunately, neither Jim nor I can take any time off of work to spend with him, so I will savor every moment I can before he leaves again next week.

My company finally has new owners. The paperwork transaction went down this past Thursday and was relatively seamless. The executive team of our new company visited with a select group of managers and staff, and they left leaving very favorable impressions. There will be changes, but it sounds like they will be minimal for everyone but the financial staff, of course. What those changes remain unknown for now, but I know it is going to be a crazy few months while the financial staff gets up to speed on the new reporting requirements. I am thankful it is over, so we can finally focus on the future. This past summer had too many rumors and stress related to the sale to make it any fun.

This past week saw everyone back to work and school again. Holly had one more week off of dance, to which no one was complaining. She has one more week of school before she has her first official finals week. She is already talking about studying and what she needs to do for each of her classes; she will be fine.

The rest of us are settling down into a winter routine, even though it has not exactly been what I would call winter weather. We had a minor snowfall on New Year’s Eve, but we are back into the upper 40s this week. It was so abnormally warm that Jim was outside washing the cars. Even the evenings are getting noticeably lighter earlier, so this whole season strikes me as odd. I shouldn’t complain because it was below zero last year, but I miss winter so far. Screw the rain and warm temperatures.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday and wish everyone a speedy and stress-free work week. I’ll see you back here next week!


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