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Happy Sunday!

For those of you who follow me on social media, you might have seen my lament yesterday at the lack of snow in southern Wisconsin and the fact that yet another snowstorm seemed to be dumping snow on pretty much everyone in the nation but us. Hell, Chicago got snow yesterday. Well, we did get a light dusting of snow yesterday evening. It is not enough to cover the grass and will melt completely by the end of today. It did make me feel a little better, although I made the mistake of looking at the forecast and the utter lack of precipitation for the next fifteen days. I know some people do not believe that the climate is changing, but the fact that Virginia has now had two major snowstorms in the same season while southern Wisconsin has had none is just one more indicator of the wacky weather climate change is causing around the globe.

Connor is back at school. I think we all realized while he was here that Wisconsin is no longer his home. His heart belongs in Ames right now, and I am okay with that. It is what is supposed to happen. I will admit that Jim, Holly, and I have done such a good job adjusting to life without him on a daily basis that to have him home is a disruption to our schedule too. We still find ways to include him, but he doesn’t know our routines or that of the dogs. He is unfamiliar with the new day-to-day running of the household. It is a bittersweet realization, knowing that any time we see him, it will be for visits rather than returns home, but again, this is all part of becoming an adult – for him – and letting go – for us. He loves Ames, his roommates, his girlfriend, his classes, and most of all the band, so that knowledge makes us feel better about all of it.

Holly has finals this week. She is looking forward to the early dismissal aspect of finals week. So am I, as it means she finally has time to do some chores around the house. It also means she can get some much-needed sleep. We are heading into the busy season all too soon, so she knows to capitalize on any chance for her to get some extra rest. I have no doubts that she will breeze through the final exams themselves.

I don’t know why this crossed my mind, but do you ever read a historical novel and wonder where the lounging and relaxing are? I can never envision someone like Elizabeth Bennet wearing pajamas all day and sprawling across a couch with a good book. It is always a vision of someone sitting with correct posture while holding a book at the correct length away from one’s face, dressed in full going-out clothes. Why is that? You can’t tell me the women didn’t relish taking off their voluminous and multitudinous undergarments every day and would avoid wearing them while at home. It is human nature to want to seek comfort, even if it means forgoing a corset. What would these people think of our current habits of wearing exercise gear to go shopping? Or braless afternoons where you barely move let alone change out of your pajamas? Is this a modern social phenomenon, or do you think Victorian era people were equally sloppy when they chose to stay at home? Or am I the only one to ever bother to think about these things?

That’s enough weird thoughts by Michelle. I hope you are all staying cozy and warm this Sunday, and I wish you all a fantastic work week. I’ll see you back here next week!


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