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Happy Sunday!

It is cold and gloomy around here with just a little snow to cover some of the ground. It is not enough snow for my liking though. I want what they are getting in the Carolinas. Damn climate change.

It was a very long week in that I did nothing at work but work on submitting the first draft of the budget by the Friday deadline. Between meetings and working through my 30-tab spreadsheet, I was toast most nights. It did not help that the stress of the deadline prevented me from sleeping well throughout the week. However, I met the deadline, and that first push is behind me. The rest of the budget process is annoying, but it is much easier than that initial data pull.

Holly had her first winter poms routine on Friday. Unfortunately, the boys’ varsity basketball team is not good at all, so it makes the wait until she performs very painful. Conversely, it is nice being so close to her when she performs, and it is all indoors. So yay for that. The winter poms season continues through February, so we will have plenty of opportunities to watch her dance and bad basketball.

Holiday preparations are well underway. I have a stack of envelopes staring at me that need addressing for our holiday cards. Presents are arriving daily. Now I just have to find the time to wrap everything. How are you doing with the holidays?

The rest of today will be putting the house to rights, laundry, and catching up on all the paperwork and email I shoved onto my desk every evening and need to address. It isn’t glamorous, but it never really disappears no matter how much I might wish it would. The weather at least is cooperating by making me not want to step foot outside.

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