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Happy Sunday! One week and one day left until Christmas; if you celebrate, are you ready? 

I need to wrap presents, plan my menus, and bake cookies. Otherwise, yes, I am ready. We need to eat, and I always find a way to wrap the presents in time. As for cookies, Jim made his famous shortbread already, and if that is the only cookie made this year, I am okay with that.

This week saw Jim on yet another business trip during the first half of the week. It does make the week extraordinarily long when he is gone. Cletus does not get his usual chance to play with all the dogs at work, and his energy levels get a bit disruptive. Plus, while it doesn’t sound like much, it is exhausting having to pick Holly up from the studio at 9 PM every night. It means not being able to relax in the evenings because you know you have to leave your house again.  Then, by the time you get home, it is almost time for bed. Thankfully, this upcoming week is Holly’s last week of dance classes for the year. Judging by the fact that she fell asleep at 5 PM on Friday and woke up long enough to take a quick shower and go to bed, she needs the break as much as the rest of us.

Work is still a bit crazy as we work to finish the budget before the end of the year. Certain departments are dragging their feet in getting information to me, which is infuriating. We will finish it in time, but there is a lot of sitting and waiting for information, which makes the days long thanks to huge swaths of time doing little and brief spurts of insane activity. 

There is still no major snow on the ground, and we have temperatures in the mid-forties right now. It does not feel like the winter holidays without cold and snow. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season and, more importantly, finding time to relax. Have a wonderful Sunday and peaceful week to come!


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