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‘Tis the season for reflection, so what better way to reflect than to share some of my favorite things of the year. 


First up for My Favorite Things of 2018 is all things that helped me create serenity this year. 

  • Dio Candle Company
    • I fell in love with this candle company through a subscription box. Last year, this subscription box included what remains one of the best scents ever. Because it was a custom scent for this monthly subscription, I did not think I could ever get it again. (Fun fact – Holly would not let me burn the candle because she did not want to lose that scent.) Thankfully, a few months later, I found out the company did sell that scented candle but did so under a different name. They also have a monthly subscription that includes four of the most adorable themed candles with scents that are heavenly. They burn nicely, and the aroma of the candle fills a room. They even branched out into candles containing essential oils. The Chillax one is now my favorite of all time. I don’t have to burn the candle. I inhale the aroma and feel so much better. With quick delivery, the Dio Candle Company is now my go-to candle shop. 
Dio Candle Company - Chillax
  • Weighted blankets
    • I originally purchased a weighted blanket for Jim, who was struggling with some issues while he was searching for a new job last winter. I quickly discovered the benefits of them myself and now don’t know what I would do without it. I purchased it from MomentarilyMeBlankets on Etsy, and while it took a while for her to make it, I have no regrets. (I adore Etsy, but that’s for another day). It is gorgeous, well-made, and so very soft. On truly horrible days, I love to rub my face on the fabric and let its softness soothe me. If you struggle with anxiety or depression, I highly recommend getting a weighted blanket. They make such a difference. 
MomentarilyMeBlankets on Etsy
  • Cletus
    • You wouldn’t think an 85-pound one-year-old puppy would bring me serenity. In fact, there are plenty of times when he doesn’t – like when he fights with his sister and draws blood, or when he jumps on people no matter how well he knows his commands, or when he nips others even though he means it as a sign of affection and playfulness. Yet, I am his person. I sit down, and he sits down next to me. I lay down, and he does his damnedest to lay on top of me. At night, he has to touch me in some manner. If I move, he moves. If Jim is gone, he ignores the empty half of the bed to continue to lay as close to me as possible. This could easily annoy me because there is no such thing as space anymore, but I love it. When he is laying there, sound asleep and entirely at peace, he soothes me. His unconditional love makes me feel so good, and I adore those moments when he lays his head on my lap or even my chest. With babies, those moments are fleeting. With dogs, I know these moments will last their lifetime. There is no better feeling than when you experience a dog’s complete trust and unconditional love.


By all accounts, 2018 was a rocky one. Between new jobs, old jobs, new schools, new schedules, and the craptastic world news, it was not easy to stay calm or happy. Between the scented candles, the weighted blanket, and my pup, I found a way to keep the panic at bay, making them My Favorite Things for serenity of 2018.

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