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Goodbye 2018

You would think that we would get used to the idea that time flies as you get older, but we never do. It takes my breath away at how quickly 2018 passed. It feels like it just began, yet here we are on the first Sunday in 2019. Crazy and scary and a great reminder to be more aware of the little moments as well as the big moments each day.

I had every intention of taking some time to look back and post my favorite books, movies, music, and other items. I also had plans to read, but, like so many other times this year, what I wanted to do and what I ended up doing were two very different things. Still, on this last day of the year, it is only natural to want to take some time to reflect on the past twelve months.

It has been a bumpy year filled with a lot of change. Jim’s new job, Holly in high school, a new pup, a company on the brink of new ownership. It was also a year filled with plenty of alone time with Holly, with glimpses of an empty nest, with laughter as well as tears, with realizations and hard truths, with new friends entering our lives and old ones becoming more present. All of these are good things.

I don’t see 2019 being any different because Jim and I are in that period of our lives where changes are more frequent and natural. Holly will get one step closer to her driver’s license. Connor will be officially moving out of the house on a more permanent basis. New owners for my company mean potential job changes. What will happen will happen, and all I hope is that the changes continue to remain good ones.

2019 is also the year this blog turns 10. Isn’t that crazy?!? You will soon see a refreshed look to reflect this anniversary, and my goal is to step away from the more serious reviews and scheduling regime and become a bit looser and more relaxed, talking not just about books but also about the other things that important to me. I have already been trying to do this a bit over the past few months, so expect more of the same – which means more bullet journaling, more cross-stitch, more of Holly, more of my dogs, more of work, etc.

In the meantime, please enjoy my reading list of 2018. I traveled all over the world and read some fantastic first lines. Have fun celebrating New Year’s Eve, and I’ll see you in 2019!

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