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Don't Complain; Vote

Every election day is essential for the survival of democracy, but today feels particularly important. The United States is standing at a threshold, and we need every person to speak out as to the direction s/he wants the country to take.

Vote Your Future

Today’s elections will have very real consequences for the future of this country, for the future of the environment, and for the future of the global economy.

No Excuses, Vote 2018

We can no longer hide behind the possibility that the Trump administration will be that bad, that maybe he is exaggerating for the sake of getting votes. After two years, we know exactly who we have in office and what is important to them. We know who will stand up for social justice issues, and who will support corporations and lobbyists. We know every misogynist, every racist, every intolerant body in Washington, D.C. We know their agenda. We cannot hide from the truth because they are no longer hiding the truth from us.

Your Voice, Your Vote

Regardless of your politics, if you do one thing today, make sure you vote. Make your voice heard. The country is at a precipice, and now is not the time to protest by abstaining. Now is the time to make sure Washington, D.C. and every state government hear what is important to you.

Go vote.

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