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Let the Thanksgiving preparations begin!

I have never been this organized when it comes to any meal or entertaining venture. There is a cleaning schedule and a cooking schedule affixed to the fridge with strict timelines necessary to get everything done before our guests arrive on Thursday morning. I feel like I am on the Great British Bake-Off with my schedules. At the same time, it feels good too. It creates order among chaos and makes what can be an overwhelming meal feel almost easy. Now, check in with me Wednesday and ask me if I still feel the same way.

Connor will be coming home for a quick visit tomorrow, and I am anxious to see him. Sadly, he has to go back to Ames on Friday to play in the pep band for volleyball and then at the football game on Saturday, so it is not as long a visit as I want. It will still be wonderful to see him. We have always had a special bond, and at no time is it more apparent than when he first comes home and wants to tell me all the things. I can’t wait!

Connor is the only one of us to have the full week off this week. Holly has school through Tuesday. Jim and I cannot take off of work due to happenings at our various places of employment. It will make Thursday and Friday that much more enjoyable though because I feel like we will have earned those days off. If anything, I plan to make the most of them by not doing much of anything. (I don’t decorate for the winter holidays until December.)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, whether you work or get to stay home. If you are not celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, may your work week be speedy and stress-free. If you are celebrating the holiday, may the holiday be filled with delicious food and a significant lack of family drama.


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