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People are forever asking how I manage everything with such a busy schedule. I love to cook, but I don’t always have time to do so in the manner I would like. This weekly journal is a way to keep it real and show that while my intentions are good, sometimes life and all of its activities get in the way of serving a delicious, home-cooked meal and that it is perfectly okay.

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  • Saturday: The boys were off getting Connor settled into his new dorm room/apartment, so us girls opted for frozen pizza and Psych reruns because that is how we roll.
  • Sunday: Wanting to start the week on a much better foot had me making grilled garlic shrimp. I served it over rice alongside a salad of Bibb lettuce, cherry tomatoes, crumbled bacon, English cucumbers, gorgonzola, and a homemade buttermilk dill dressing. I also made chocolate zucchini cake for dessert. It was all pretty simple and not very time-consuming but all delicious.
  • Monday: It was a return to some old favorites this week with tuna noodle casserole recipe. I was intending to make a recipe that I first started making almost 20 years ago but have not made in a very long time. However, Jim surprised me by starting the meal while I was dropping Holly off at dance as he had found an alternative recipe online. It was still delicious and comforting.
  • Tuesday: Jim was out for a business dinner tonight, so Holly and I stuck with some of the leftovers for dinner. Neither of us was particularly interested in getting takeout, and with Connor no longer part of the household, it is going to take longer to eat up any leftovers than it did over the summer.
  • Wednesday: It was a good night for breakfast for dinner, so I made a veggie egg bake and served it alongside tater tots (namely because a few of my coworkers were announcing the heretical fact that they do not like tater tots and I just cannot fathom not loving their crunchy, potato-y goodness). It was a great meal to have ready for Holly and me when we came back from tonight’s dance class.
  • Thursday: I had every intention of making BLTs for dinner tonight, but then Holly and I got distracted by her dancing and my new chair. So Jim had leftovers while Holly and I had grilled cheese sandwiches. A fair trade, I think.
  • Friday: Jim is still feeling poorly, so he was out for dinner. That left Holly and me on our own. She wanted Red Robin for dinner, so we ordered online and I brought it home after a hair appointment. It served its purpose, and she was happy.


What was for dinner at your house this week?

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