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Happy Sunday! It is a hot and sticky one here. It is the type of weather that makes me miss winter because you can always wear extra layers when cold but there is only so much you can do to keep cool in weather like this.

Jim is on his way back from Ames after helping the boy move into his apartment/dorm room. By all accounts, it was quite the adventure as the clutch on Connor’s car died about an hour away from the house. Jim was following in my car with the rest of his stuff, thank goodness. Still, they had to have it towed to the nearest maintenance shop. Then they took my car to Ames, unloaded, drove back to his car, got the rest of his stuff, and drove back to Ames. They left at 10 AM yesterday morning but did not finish until around 9 PM. I imagine Jim is going to be tired and just a bit cranky.

Meanwhile, Holly and I kept ourselves busy with dance and cleaning. We reorganized Connor’s bedroom, gave it a thorough scrubbing, and turned it back into the guest bedroom. We finally hung pictures in our downstairs family room and her dance room. We shopped for baby presents for two of our friends. It was a really good day.

That is more than I can say about the week. Jim was more stressed than usual. On top of that, he developed an upper respiratory infection that left him with terrible coughing fits and unable to take deep breaths. Connor was so excited about going back to Ames that his head was in the clouds all week. Holly’s dance schedule was nothing if not disruptive and insane. Classes during the day. Classes at all different times in the evenings. My work was more tension-filled than usual as well, to the point where everyone was more than ready for the weekend. It was not a fun week.

Today, there is more dance, some laundry to do, some finishing up of the organizing and putting things to rights, but that is about it. The lawn needs some attention, so either Jim or Holly will be on that duty today. I imagine it will be a quiet afternoon and an early night for us all. Except for Connor who will pretty much do what he pleases, and I don’t have to deal with that anymore.

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend no matter where you are. Have a wonderful day and even better work week. I will see you all back here next time!


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