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Happy Sunday!

I had every intention of writing reviews and being all sorts of productive around the house, and then work happened. A mind-numbing, no-brain-involved project took me all week to finish. Let me tell you, you think you are exhausted after a workday in which you have no time to eat or pee but I am here to tell you that days where you literally have to shut off your brain to do the work are even worse. I went home every evening barely able to see straight and most definitely not interested in looking at a computer screen or anything related to writing. My hand started cramping from using Alt-C and Alt-V so many times. I really hope I never have to do anything like that again.

Other than that, it was pretty much a normal week around the house. The boys worked later than normal, which made dinner a little haphazard. Connor said good-bye to his oldest and best friend.  He also took out his first student loan and was bemoaning not only the interest rate but the hoops through which he had to jump just to be approved. Holly is spending her weekend in a 12-hour ballet/dance intensive. The doggies are recovering from their days at work with the boys. Chores got done. The lawn got mowed. Life keeps chugging along.

I was wasting time on Pinterest on Friday and came across this pin, and I cannot get it out of my mind. It is rather long, but I think it is worth sharing.

Why we need feminism Pin

The part about what you wear and shaving and seeing yourself in the mirror are the parts that really struck me. Yes, those fictionalized real-life stories are shattering, but I believe those are the obvious examples of the need for feminism. It is the everyday impact on our behavior and our appearance though that is more insidious and therefore more difficult to fight. Can I really say I dress for myself? No, I cannot. I do not dress for men per se, but I do let my audience dictate what I where, whether that audience is all men or all women. I will admit that I shave my armpits because of societal expectations and the fear of being judged by others. We can work on fighting the gender gap in pay, in C-suite positions, in healthcare, and in legal rights. We can work towards providing better support for victims of domestic violence. We can even change the rape culture that permeates the globe. But even if we accomplish all of that, if we do not change how we as individuals view ourselves and stop doing so in consideration of others, we have failed as feminists. And thus closes my deep thoughts to end the week.

Today should be another quiet one, as we got most of the chores done yesterday. Holly still has dance, but other than that, I see some reading, some napping, and some more organizing in our future. In other words, it is exactly what a Sunday should be.

I hope everyone who is participating in the 24-in-48 Readathon is having fun and making a lot of progress. For those who are not, I hope you are having a fun and relaxing weekend. Have a great week, everyone, and I will see you back here next time!


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