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Reverse Readathon

I cannot adequately express how excited I am for this summer readathon. Everything about it fits my schedule this time of the year. My weekends are less hectic, and the 7 PM CDT start is much easier to accommodate. I cannot usually participate in either the fall or spring events because of timing issues, so I am jumping at the chance to do so now.

In fact, I am using this summer readathon as an excuse for some much-needed self-care. I booked myself a nice hotel room in Milwaukee, packed all sorts of goodies for myself – bath bombs, facial masks, cozy blankets, fuzzy socks, candles, etc. – and plan to use this weekend to unwind and reset. As Holly keeps reminding me, I am the only person in the family not to have some sort of vacation, and she is right. So before we get right back into school, competition season, and budget season, I need this time. That it means I get to read while indulging myself is icing on the cake.

For that reason, I have no plans this weekend. I have print books. I have audiobooks. I have e-galleys. I have e-books. What I read will depend on my mood, and how I read will depend on whether I want to do something else at the same time. Do I want to work on my cross-stitch project or plan out my August bullet journal? Audiobook it is. Do I want to sit outside on the patio? Kindle. Soak in the tub? Print. I don’t plan to socialize or see the sights. This is my time, and I am going to do what I damn well please.

Any updates you see are going to be via Instagram or Twitter (@whatsheread) for both. I plan to avoid news for mental health reasons but will always be found on IG or Twitter. I will be checking in with everyone there, cheering on other participants and in general getting into the spirit of the event. I wish everyone a fun readathon with lots of delicious snacks, excellent books, and great companionship! Ready, set,…let’s read!

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