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Happy Sunday!

It has been a hectic few weeks with dance recitals, a very important birthday, month-end, new jobs, and a visit by my mother-in-law. That all ended on Friday, and we are all enjoying a relaxing weekend with a blank calendar. We spend yesterday cleaning and doing the chores so that we could do nothing today, and nothing is exactly what most of us will be doing. The weather is cool enough to allow us to open the windows and the breeze makes it a perfect day to read, watch TV, nap, or all three.

Holly is officially done with the 2017-2018 dance season in that we have no more evening dance classes. She actually gets two weeks off of dance before we start back up with rehearsals for nationals and the first few poms practices. It has been so long since we have not had to go to the studio for longer than a week that I am not certain what she and I are going to do. It is going to make the evenings feel so long. I am excited to remember what it feels like.

Connor celebrated his 18th birthday on Memorial Day and is two weeks into his internship. He is still in early days with the internship, but at least he is now old enough to go into the plant to work on projects rather than sitting at a desk all day. It took him one week to realize that a desk job was not for him. I think Jim has enjoyed having him at work, even if Connor sleeps on the ride there and back every day.

My mother-in-law’s annual visit went well. She was with us as we celebrated Connor’s birthday, experienced one of Cletus’ obedience training classes, and got to watch Holly’s last dance recital. She even got to go to work with the boys and play with the dogs all day before her flight home on Friday.

This upcoming week is going to be an odd one as Holly and I figure out how to relax again. Plus, her last day of school is on Thursday. Prior to that, she has her iPad turn-in, a graduation ceremony, and a trip to Great America to celebrate the end of eighth grade. She is more than ready to be done with all of it, and I can’t blame her. These last few weeks have not been the most scintillating for her as the teachers wind down their instruction.

I hope you all are enjoying a lovely weekend and finding time to enjoy the weather. Have a great week, and I will see you here next time!


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