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Happy Sunday!

I’m back! Holly and I made it through the regional dance competition season and can now look forward to a more leisurely May at least. While she is not done with dance (ever), we get to spend the weekends at home with a few hours of dance rather than a few days of dance. She did really well this season and grew so much from the first competition to this last one. She was announced as the Most Photogenic Teen at one of the competitions and has several trophies, plaques, and ribbons to hang up in her room now!

In our absence, Connor and Holly both had spring break. Unfortunately, Connor came home when things were getting slightly crazy with dance, and I did not see him as much as I would have liked. He spent a lot of time bonding with the puppy and getting some much-needed rest. He actually comes home on Wednesday after his last final, about which we are all excited. He is ready to come home after a long and difficult first year. It was most definitely a learning experience for him, one I know he is anxious to put behind him.

While I was on radio silence, we also had not one but two brothers-in-law visit. Jim’s twin brother came up for a weekend while piggybacking on a business trip to Chicago. Jim’s oldest brother came a week later to help us finish our basement renovations, installing the laminate flooring and helping us paint. Both trips occurred over competition weekends, so I can’t say that I saw a lot of either of them but Jim spent a lot of time with them and that is all that counts.

In addition to dance, Holly has been getting organized for her freshman year in September and finishing up eighth grade. She tried out and made all three varsity Poms teams – football, basketball, and competition. She registered for her classes. She has already earmarked which other school activities in which she wants to participate. Plus, she had her second-to-last band concert, helped spearhead the student walkout against gun violence in her school, finished statewide testing, and has tried to find some time to spend with her friends. She has been a machine this season. I know the long weekends and even longer weeknights with dance and homework take its toll, but she remains more committed than ever.

I was able to participate in yesterday’s readathon after all, after not be certain until this Monday. Without any planning and absolutely no forethought, I ended up reading and listening to books for 18 hours and 44 minutes, finishing three books, and reading a total of 1,150 pages. Even better, the audiobook I finished helped me get caught up on bills and other paperwork, laundry, setting up my bullet journal for May, and even some cross-stitch. It was a great day even if I did not get much sleep either before or during the event!

Speaking of sleep, it is too beautiful to take a nap, but my three hours of sleep are taking its toll on me right now. I’m off to go relax and enjoy this beautiful Sunday because I can. I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday and that your weather is equally gorgeous. Have a great week!



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